• BDO Publications 2016

BDO Publications 2016

26 April 2016

BDO Greece is a rapidly growing company that specializes in providing audit, advisory and tax services. With offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes and a strong client base of companies in the private and public sector, occupies a leading position nationwide, providing high quality services to all sectors of the Greek economy. We are the selection consultant for many groups of companies listed on the Exchange and multinational companies subsidiaries.
What makes us unique is the desire for proximity to the customer and our commitment to all our partners and customers, which means that what is important for them is important for us too. In BDO Greece, we remain committed to helping our customers worldwide, to be informed of the changing economic and market conditions, providing high-quality services on a consistent basis. Precisely for this reason, our group as a whole, is committed to continuously provide comprehensive services anywhere in the world if needed