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11 January 2019

GO BDO M&A data shows how construction companies’ acquisitions of construction technology has been gathering pace since 2014. The data also shows how the number of so-called megadeals (worth more than $1 billion) is increasing. 

11 January 2019

UK This report is about the financial health and operations of football clubs across the English and Scottish leagues, with an insight into the top priorities and concerns of these football clubs, as well as commentary on how they are responding to developments in the game.

11 January 2019

Singapore The BDO cybersecurity team has reviewed a number of cybersecurity incidents, both local and around the region, and made 12 observations taken from engaging our clients and the cybersecurity industry partners and associations.

11 January 2019

US The health and life sciences supply chains are converging with both industries blurring together. It’s a period of accelerated disruption, driven by a confluence of internal and external triggers. Read on for the BDO 2019 predictions.

11 January 2019

GO Many industry professionals have first-hand experience with projects running over budget and past deadlines. Better use of data can help provide better estimates, real-time analysis of performance and the lowering of project risks.

11 January 2019

UK Throughout 2018, UK retail has experienced uncertainty and upheaval brought about by fast evolving shopping habits and the impact of economic uncertainty. This Report looks at the market factors that challenge retailers and looks ahead at the threats and opportunities to the high street.

10 January 2019

Belgium In this report:  - Top 10 Cyber Security Trends op 2018  - Key Cyber Security Recommendations for 2019

10 January 2019

US Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is transforming the way natural resources companies do business, allowing them to  automate certain types of work processes and increase efforts to deliver mission critical work. RPA allows companies to do more with less.

10 January 2019

Canada This year’s survey shares the insights and experiences of over 500 manufacturing leaders across Canada and provides a snapshot of manufacturers’ confidence in the market, their biggest challenges, and their plans to invest.

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